Monday, June 30, 2014

We Kinda Love a Parade

Every year our little town (ha- 5th fastest-growing city in the country) takes the last full week of June to celebrate its awesomeness. Brian and I have been humbug about this week in the past because it has often meant that Brian has to clean up after the rodeo until the wee hours of the morning. (Anyone out there ever cleaned up after a rodeo? Soul crushing.) And we're not exactly cowboys. But! We're trying not to pass on our humbuggery to our children, so we made sure Bridget got to be a part of the mini-float parade (as the advertisements for this week claim, the "famous" mini-float parade) last Friday night and then the regular ol' parade on Saturday morning. Let me tell you something (that reminds me of my roommate, Anne - she always started fun sentences with, "Let me tell you something, Nicole..."), the only parade in the history of parades that is worth camping out for is the Rose Parade. Brian and I have been to that parade with my parents and my brother, Aaron. Everything has paled in comparison. I digress. 
Two of our fantastic neighbors volunteered (soak that in) to make the mini-float for our ward (church group). Two other amazing women in our neighborhood made cute T-shirts for all the kids to wear as they pulled the float or walked alongside it. The theme this year was "In My Dreams..." and our ward would eat candy every day in their dreams. :) (Every year the word "dream" is featured in the theme. I've lived in this town for 18 years. It's been there every single year.)
Look at that participation! You can barely see the float. I can see why it's a big deal to so many people - those kids were having the time of their lives.
This was right before Emil said, "Mommy, I can't see the fire truck." We stood next to the road that was going to close for the parade, then filled in the gap once it did close. As soon as the floats started coming by, about seven people (including a grown man with a toddler on his shoulders) stood exactly in front of us. What is that? 
Yep. We just sit here in the road and wait for stuff to come by.
Wait! I forgot about the candy! Colin was into it when he made that discovery.
This also makes it worth participating. Bridget is IN the parade!! Fun.

On Saturday I took Bridget back to the parade route, then waited at the end of the parade to take her home. The wonderful volunteers from our ward got the float there early enough that I didn't have to sit long to see them.
I crossed the street and sat with my friends, Archer and Megan, when a grown man stood exactly in front of me in the shade. WHAT IS THAT?!!
Cute strong kids from our ward and neighborhood.
Bishop met the kids at the end of the parade and passed out popsicles.
Bridget and Clara. 
I like that there is a clarinet in this photo. Hahahahaha!

We have exhibited our town pride this year. It's about time, I know. What can I say? Brian and I are both introverts and homebodies. Good thing our kids are fun. :)

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