Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brother Lee, Retired

After 36 years of teaching LDS Seminary and Institute (with five years of writing curriculum in Salt Lake City), my Dad retired last week. It seemed like something needed to be done to commemorate the occasion. Thirty-six years! That's a lot of young people who have been influenced by Bob Lee. The kids in his very first seminary class are 50 years old. Pretty amazing. 

That kind of milestone calls for a T-shirt quilt. Ha! But this is the best one yet - all the schools Dad attended himself as a student and/or taught at the seminary or institute of the school. 
Aaron and Lori brought me Idaho State T-shirts, my Mom sent Highland High School and Pocatello High School T-shirts, Katy sent me Duke, Meredith, UNC, and Peace College T-shirts as well as a Fort Bragg Army shirt, and Kellie sent me one from Oakley. The rest are from my collection or Walgreens. :)
This one is representing East Carolina University where Dad got his Masters. It's a 32 year-old shirt.
There it is! Fun.
Orange piping and a binding that reminded me of a tie. My Dad has been wearing a white shirt and tie every day except Saturday for as long as I can remember. Now he wears colored shirts and ties. Retired!

Since more than half of Mom and Dad's kids were in town (miraculous), we all went out to eat at Mimi's Cafe in Orem. Sans kids. It was so nice to actually be able to talk with everyone! Ahhh. 
Jen, Nicole, Bob, Peggy, Rob, Makenzie, and Aaron
This makes me smile. 
Look at all the places he's been! :)

We missed the other kids (Katy, Allyn, and Melissa). Big time. I guess the quilt explains how we came to be living so far apart now that we have our own families, eh? It's okay - it makes our meetings that much sweeter. 

Congratulations to my Dad. :)

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melissa said...

It's amazing! Totally jealous you all got to party together. YAY, Dad!