Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fancy Farewell Party

My nephew, Taylor, is going on his mission. Today! Lucky for us he has to come to Utah to the Missionary Training Center before he goes off to Japan. Taylor's grandparents in Bountiful hosted a fun farewell dinner with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents from both sides of his family. (I went to high school with Taylor's aunt Emily... and his parents, for that matter. Ha! Anyway, this house in Bountiful holds fond memories for me. It's only gotten better over the years.)
The man of the hour! So fun to see him grown up and ready to start an adventure.
The backyard had so many awesome little nooks. A kitchen under an apricot tree? But of course.
A hammock that Emil can turn into a swing of terror? Naturally.
Look at the bottom of Emil's feet. Filthy.
Emil and Henry are kind of playing together here. They're occupying the same space. Close enough.
Taylor remarked that his worlds were colliding. Here is maternal grandpa (Bob) and paternal grandma (June) having a nice talk. Probably about retirement. :)
Jen said we should pose and then she was the only one who did. There's Emily, Jen, Taylor, and Me.
Brian is annoyed that a camera is on him so often.
Maybe he should stop being a handsome devil then.
We stopped talking long enough for this photo. Not the other ten photos Brian took, though. :)
Taylor, Ethan and Uncle Zach hamming in the kitchen. Hey! We had ham for dinner.
Bridget and the boys fell in love with the Allred's house and yard. On our way home Bridget said, "That is the fanciest house I will ever go to." She's eight years old. I love her idea of "fancy" - usually it means awesome, based on the houses she has labeled fancy.
I forgot this cutie's name, but he knew Ethan was one of his tribe. Gingers stick together.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about that backyard. It was grandkid paradise and the perfect place for adults to have quiet or loud conversations, as they chose. Ahh! As Colin said, "Fun Grandma house. Again!" :)

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melissa said...

A place where kids can play and grown ups can talk? THAT'S the dream! So jealous you got to party with Taylor and say goodbye.

Gingers, unite!