Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Day in Pocatello

Bridget and I spent last Friday night and Saturday in Pocatello. It was our first Girls-Only Road Trip. I hope it won't be our last because traveling with only Bridget is the easiest traveling I've ever done. We went because Melissa and her kids were there visiting for their fall break. Bridget and Chloe are boy-trapped at home, see, and they need each other. Oh! And we wanted to visit Grandma Peggy and her dolls and listen to Grandpa Bob call a volleyball game at ISU and sing to Grandma Shirley and meet this beautiful new niece:
Photo by Melissa
I tried to steal other photos of her, but I was blocked. This is Macey J. - Aaron and Lori's new baby. She was only four days old when we met her. Macey has one of those wise baby faces - like she's suffering all of us fools. :) I'm freaking out inside that my baby brother has his own baby now. We went over to Aaron and Lori's place after the volleyball game Friday night and we got to hold little Macey.
It was so fun to listen to these two talk. I don't think Chloe knew about the purses full of jewels in Grandma's toy bins. Too bad Bridget introduced her to them on the second-to-the-last day of Chloe's week there.
They made up little routines with Bridget playing songs on the piano and Chloe dancing. The dolls are sitting nearby watching. (My Mom's second question when we walked in the door was, "Did Bridget bring her Mandy doll?" I tried to explain that I picked her up right from school and we didn't have time, but really, why didn't we bring the doll?!)
Every time I looked at Bridget she was wearing new earrings. Grandma has lots of clip-ons at her house. 
Melissa and I talked camera lenses and now I know what I NEED for Christmas. So jealous. She let me use one of her lenses for this shot of Bridget. Can you tell how much Bridget loves being a girl and playing with her bosom cousin, Chloe? :)
We spent a lazy morning playing, talking, eating, and practicing for our performances at Grandma Shirley's new place, Highland Hills.
Grandma Shirley with four of her great-grandchildren; Bridget, Chloe, Harrison and Miles.
After visiting Grandma Shirley, we went to Brooklyn's Playground. Bridget's obsession with the monkey bars continues. She has callouses on her palms! 
I'm usually on high alert at Brooklyn's Playground trying to keep track of the boys. It was kind of a pleasure to know Bridget wasn't going to take off or fall off something high. 
On Melissa's blog, I'm in this photo. That's a good reason to steal it, right? But I was thwarted. Here are Amy (Melissa's husband, Jeff's, sister) and Melissa having a delightful conversation. Because Amy is delightful. She and her husband, Jeff, sang folk songs together for the program we did at Highland Hills. I loved it! I could listen to them all night. (Also, I have not spent one minute in Pocatello that wasn't windy. My eyes water there constantly.) After the playground we went on a quick tour of the the school where Grandpa Bob is the vice principal. (I know, I thought he was retired too.)
Having Melissa there to take pictures (better pictures) left me wondering what my job was. Here she is creating the illusion of a Fall-ier Fall with the kids.
As always I let Bridget pack her own suitcase. She didn't bring a jacket. What?! Good thing Chloe had two. And Grandma Peggy had clip-on earrings that matched one of those jackets. Bridget and Chloe are two of the nicest little girls I know. I'm so glad they know each other and have a chance to be friends and family.
It was getting kind of late Saturday night, but Grandma Peggy wasn't about to not make these hilarious owl cupcakes with the kids. That was a full day! Bridget and I left early Sunday morning to get home in time for church. It was a quick trip, but we made every minute count. Bridget silently cried as we drove away from Grandma's house. (We didn't want to wake Chloe to say goodbye, so Chloe was sad when she woke up. Poor girls! Next time we'll wake her up.)

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melissa said...

So sweet! I love Chloe and Bridget! I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you I disabled right-click on my blog. I would have gladly emailed them to you. Secretly I love seeing your beautiful pictures, especially since they prove I was there, too.