Monday, October 20, 2014

Colin's Farm

Brian was hunting last week during the kids' fall break. Since I wanted the kids to sleep at night, I needed to come up with something for us to do. I decided to brave whatever crowd might be at Evans' Farm. "My farm?" Colin asked. Once I answered yes to that question, Emil and Bridget started calling it Colin's Farm. Ha!
The fates smiled on me and we had the farm almost to ourselves!
Colin introduced his brother and sister to the hay bale maze and he zipped through it. I congratulated him at the exit and teased Bridget that he was already out. Hahaha! She gave me the funniest competitive look.
These next photos are a window into Colin's world. He is a highly skilled ninja in this world. 
Can you even stand it?! Bridget and I were reminiscing about his Robot Dance at the Lion House and the two of us laughed hysterically.
Lately when Bridget gets herself ready she wears short pants and long socks. Hmmm. Knickers?
Super strong on top of the haystacks. Emil's preschool teacher told me that during Talking Time last week he told her a crazy story about his dog Pedro and all the naughty stuff Pedro does. Miss Kerry turned to Gus and gave him a questioning look. Gus shook his head no and Emil started laughing. Funny Mo.
I just liked this one.
He's trying so hard not to smile. They rode the train three times. 
The boys kept acting like they wanted to go into the six acre corn maze. Uh, no. We'll just take a photo at the entrance.
They weren't doing hay rides, but I asked if we could sit on the tractor for a photo. 
Where is our pumpkin? After a while in this pumpkin patch Bridget said, "There isn't a price tag on any of these pumpkins!"
There it is!

After the farm I took the kids to Costco for lunch, then we got a few groceries at Costco. Sweaty business. While Bridget was eating her hot dog and the boys were not eating pizza and crawling around the greasy tables, she asked, "What are we doing tomorrow?" Nothing. We're doing nothing tomorrow.

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