Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Mystery of Velma's Disappearance

"Looks like we've got another mystery on our hands, gang." 

Back in about July I had an idea for the kids' costumes for Halloween (I've said before that it's usually many months before that I'm stoked about a holiday). Then last month I noticed that Emil and Colin were watching "Scooby-Doo" on Netflix and cheering during the song at the beginning. And Colin says it "Gooby-Doo," which is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Hey! Those guys have very iconic outfits and they're basically regular clothes. No Halloween Miracles this year, though. I started watching episodes with the boys and we even checked out a few movies from the library. I made Bridget's dress (with A LOT of help from my kind and true friend, Brittany) and scarf (really I just cut it out and Brittany serged it up for me). I found tights that would work, then I found perfect tights. On my way out of Walmart after having bought Emil's blue collared shirt (the fifth place I looked) I saw a $5 magnifying glass in the eye doctor place inside Walmart. White sweaters, size 4T do not exist, so Emil's wearing a waffle shirt. I made his neckerchief. :) Colin is wearing a homemade (by Brittany) V-neck shirt (which also doesn't exist in any stores) and $5 corduroy pants. And don't forget Scooby-Doo! Six dollars on Amazon. Oh, and the mask Fred has just pulled off the bad guy is from Micah's house. So, expensive, time-consuming, at times frustrating, BUT every time I saw them I smiled. All three kids really got into character and had so much fun. It was worth it. And now we have photos to help us remember that Mom was awesome one year for Halloween. 
Bridget is ready for Halloween at school. Notice purple nail polish. I was on a roll, you guys.
I was kind of sad to see her go because I just wanted to look at her all day. :) Best Daphne ever! And I've looked at a lot of Daphnes on the internet. Some of those women are not pulling this look off at all.
Fred. Before we put on the neckerchief he was just Emil. That neckerchief is his whole costume. Ha!
Both boys had Halloween parties at preschool on the 30th. They were pretty much at the same time. I spent half of my time at Emil's and the other half at Colin's. Easy Peasy. Lemon Squeezy.
That kid in the yellow shirt went as Guy Who Couldn't Get His Costume Off Fast Enough To Go Potty. (There was a Spiderman costume draped over the hand rail in front of Emil's preschool trailer.)
It's a V-neck T-shirt. But! When I put it on, Colin giggled and asked, "I turn Shaggy now?" Yes! You're Shaggy! "No, I Cahnin." :) I even caught him running like Shaggy a few times yesterday. Arms flailing - feet all over the place. Hilarious!
Here we are at Colin's party. He's sitting by his buddy, Luke. They saw each other while trick-or-treating last night and Luke called out, "Hey, Colin! Happy Halloween!" And Colin answered, "Hey, Luke! Thanks!" Yeah. :)
After I'd finished binding a quilt for Rob and Claire's sweet baby, Moira, we picked Bridget up from school and drove around the corner to my previously scouted location for a few photos. I'm not going to go to all that trouble with costumes and not have time for photos. Come on!

Thanks, creepy house and lot so close to the grade school! See ya next year.

Time to meet Moira!
So sweet. And quiet! Even her cry is delicate. She's snuggled in the quilt I finished a few minutes before we drove to their house. :)
We were late to trick-or-treat at Daddy's (and Uncle Rob's) work, so the kids mostly got Tootsie Rolls. Ian is a monkey. See the tail? :) Also, check out Bridget's trick-or-treat bag. I made that.Awesome Mom, Halloween 2014.
Time for Grandma and Grandpa's house!
Spiderman joined the Scooby-Doo Gang. (When Nate came in he said, "Hello. How are you." Very formal. Hahaha!)
Grandpa gave out Pez dispensers. (Grandma is still recovering from knee surgery.)
Nate's pose totally reminds me of Spiderman. Hahahahaha! Not really. Kids in costumes delight me so much.
After Grandma's we high-tailed it to the Ward party and Trunk-n-Treat. We missed the costume judging, but a discerning friend assured me the kids would have won a prize. :) No photos because, as always, we were trying to keep the boys in the room and then keep them close out in the dark parking lot. Sigh. We went to a few houses to trick-or-treat, then I walked around the neighborhood with the kids while they trick-or-treated. Colin was a champion! After each house he'd run to the next yelling, "Let's go different house!" :) Emil was wishing everyone "Happy Halloween." They were adorable.

Oh, Thursday night we carved pumpkins. I wouldn't mention it, but there are a couple of pictures that would go to waste if I didn't.

In conclusion, my plan worked. Because all my plans work. And because...I'M VELMA! Hahaha! She would totally be reading a book instead of having fun at a Halloween party in a costume. Me.

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Katy said...

You're the best Halloween Mom ever! So cute, so well thought-out! Of course you're Velma, she's the smart one, right?