Friday, October 24, 2014

One Last Walk in the Gardens

Kristi, Rachelle and I took our kids to the big gardens at Thanksgiving Point on Monday when they didn't have school. It was pretty much the most beautiful day in history. The boys (all six of them) made up games and walked through every puddle while the girls (Bridget and Clara) spied on them and whispered to each other. Remember how I used to take Bridget to the gardens all the time? Yeah. The boys are getting gypped.
 Before the gardens, though, we visited Daddy at work and ate lunch with him. Notice his hunting beard.
Have you ever seen six little boys running through a magnificent rose garden? Pretty funny.
I've never seen this rose garden in full bloom like it was on Monday. It smelled so good! 
Henry, Eddie, Connor, Emil, Colin, and Weston.
They've added this glass sculpture since my last visit.
Colin got left behind on one of the million laps around the fountain stairs. Three seconds later he was up and running with a huge smile on his face. It ain't easy, people.
Isn't that beautiful? If only our kids didn't run through this kind of scenery.
Who is missing? Who else, Emil B. I took about ten of these pictures and Clara was looking down in all of them. Ah well. The boys look cool.


Jess said...

Thanksgiving Point is on my Bucket List. It shouldn't feel so far away from Brigham City, yet somehow it does. :) Anyway, your pictures confirm why it is on my list- so beautiful!

Angelyn said...

Beautiful pictures! Did you see the statues over by the secret garden?