Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fond Farewell

A little over a week ago we attended a farewell for our nephew, Jake. Remember how he gave Brian a panic attack and everyone thought Dena was sick because Jake wanted to surprise us with his call? Good times. :) He leaves today for Chile and we couldn't be more proud. Pretty much every good thing in my life has come from my decision to serve a mission for the LDS Church. I think it's the perfect way to kick off adulthood.
Lots of people were coming from great distances, so Dena had a nice lunch at a place called the Clarion. We had enough room to talk and take pictures and eat. And the boys (including Nate) had room to run like crazy, which they did.
I was probably annoying Jake, following him around and hoping he would stand in good light for me. Sometimes I just moved him. Being long suffering will serve him well.
Abby teaching Grandpa the latest dance craze. Probably. :)
It's my fault that Emil talks with his hands. Maybe I can also take credit that he's interesting.
Yes, Nate is totally out of focus, but can you tell Bridget and Emil are laughing? Colin chased Nate around like he's not a quarter of Nate's size. 
There were candies on the table, so most of the kids had different colored tongues.
One of my favorites - Janessa, Grandpa, and Jed.
Yes. Very reverent at the top of the stairs. (See Emil's pink cheeks? That means he's been running and yelling.)
I was there. :) Just not in focus.

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