Tuesday, May 5, 2015

At the Dunes

A few weeks ago we went to the sand dunes near Holden, Utah, for a post-Easter party with Brian's family. It's the same place we went for our picnic on our family history tour, but this time we had more family and ATVs. And more food (bonus). The kids played and played, hunted for Easter eggs, played some more. Right about 3:00 in the afternoon the wind started blowing so hard that no one could endure it any longer. So! Here are some pictures. :)
Colin giving Daddy a ride.
Emil is so efficient.
Nate was the project manager on this castle.
He wants six towers, not five!
Soon after the sixth tower went up, Colin walked right through it. Like it was sand.
Brighton took people on rides a lot. Here she is with Auntie Janessa.
Then Brighton took her Daddy, Jed, for a ride.
Then, the HUNT!
Kalvin was a great Egg Hunt mentor.
Yes, Emil brought a wagon for his collection.
And I ended up carrying it back for him.
Sweet Bridget.
And Colin. 

It was chilly, yet sunny. I'm glad Colin had long sleeves on. Brian and I came home with burned necks. Mine peeled later and I neglected all my responsibilities to peel it every chance I got. Ew. Easter has been sufficiently celebrated, I think, now that we've had an egg hunt in the sand dunes. :)

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