Saturday, May 9, 2015

Itty Bitty Spaceball

Emil and Colin both call baseball "spaceball," which I love. Pretty much everything they do makes me laugh... and drives me crazy. They spent the last two weeks doing itty bitty baseball (they did football and soccer last year). I am WISE to the photo taking ops now and I only brought the camera one of the six times they went. They do the same thing every time - let's not go crazy here, people.
Funny warm ups.
Good...good...eyes are on the ball.
Look at this. Not the shoes. Look at that swing! 
Never takes his eyes off the ball. And he's always by the girl on the team. :)
I love the dugout in this photo. Belly scratcher.
As always, the boys' skill sets are totally different. Emil could catch the ball every time, but he was not great at bat. Colin could not catch the ball for anything. My reaction was to chuckle and listen to my book. TJ's dad's reaction was to yell, "RUN, TJ! GET THE BALL, TJ!" Three year-old TJ apparently couldn't hear his dad, so his dad got up and went over to yell at his son at close range. Um, remember that photo of the dugout a moment ago? Yeah. 
When we got outside I asked the boys to do a baseball pose for me. (I took 75 pictures of them inside and the ones I've posted are the only ones that even remotely worked. BAH.) Thank you, Emil. Always.

There you go! Soon we will use these photos for a retrospective of a fabulous career - and it all started at the local rec center hitting a ball dangling from a string with a red plastic bat.


Brian said...

Now I understand that saying, "we want a pitcher not a belly itcher". Emil needs to dial it in like TJ.

Aron Boney said...

Brian, that made me laugh out loud. Classic.