Monday, June 1, 2015

Mother's Day

It's been long enough now that I don't remember all of Mother's Day. What I do remember is Colin insisting on going for a walk with me. "After church, we go for a walk." What? Okay. He'd given me a poem earlier in the week at preschool and it did have something about holding his hand and walking with him. Colin's not big on holding my hand - especially when he has pockets. On our Mother's Day Walk he held my hand the whole time. :) Emil and Bridget came too. (Bridget wrote me a story about how I'm her super hero and Emil made me the accordion hands that opened up to say "I love you this much" - which is about 12 inches. Ha!)
It was a happy day, I remember that. I have my moments of pure frustration, but the joyful moments win every day. I do love being a mom. :)

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