Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ISU Graduation

My younger brother, Aaron, graduated from Idaho State University last Saturday. He sent us an invitation and when we got it I was in the mood for a road trip. When the date came around some stuff had changed and our road trip ended up being less than 24 hours. But! We got to see Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Bob's handiwork in their basement, Bridget got to play American Girl Dolls with Grandma, the boys and Bridget got to sleep in Grandma's basement, we sat in the mini dome (Holt Arena in Pocatello) for hours, and we had an amazing celebration lunch. Totally worth it. For real - we've missed so many big things in my family, I like it when we can work it out to be there.
My Dad would've been in this photo, but he was the back-up name announcer and he couldn't leave his post. As soon as Aaron had walked across the stage, he (and we) got the heck out of the mini dome. The highlight, besides finally getting to cheer for Aaron, was the announcer declaring that someone was getting a Master's in Accountability instead of Accountancy. :) I thought for sure Dad would get called up to do the rest of the ceremony after that. Hahahahaha!
Cousin Macey with her college-graduate parents. (Lori graduated last year from ISU.)
Uncle Rob and Cousin Ian joined the party, too. (He he he - my Mom multi-tasking.)
Don't worry, this ended well.
This is how ISU alumni relax - Bengal socks.
Aaron's father-in-law, Bob, is holding Macey while Aaron cuts the fancy cake. Mostly I just like this photo of Brian. And you can see the board and batten (right?) my parents have done in their basement.
 Soon after the cake, the boys started loading the car back up. Ian is carrying three Gordons in this photo.
Traditional porch picture - all three of my kids have their eyes closed, but at least Bridget has her good gloves and jewels on. :) Lori and her family left to give Macey a little relief. 
Now one with Uncle Rob and Cousin Ian. That was the best we got of Ian. My boys in this photo. Ha! My Mom says her door is red. I say purple. And I didn't doctor this photo at all. ;)

What a pleasure it is to celebrate accomplishments like graduating from college. It's a big deal. Good job, Uncle Aaron.

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allyn said...

Thanks for being there and taking awesome pictures. I would have loved to be there, but lori's family would have had to take macey home much earlier than they did. Overstimulation.
I love mom's orange jacket and Aaron's socks. We are so proud!!