Friday, August 21, 2015

Swim School and Lagoon Day

Before Bear Lake, we had swimming lessons. And after Bear Lake we had Lagoon. Huge! Epic! Let's begin.

Once again we went to Jan Lamb's Swim School. This year the Minnows had 30 minute lessons, but I still only had the boys do one week. I signed Bridget up for diving lessons not realizing that diving and strokes were the same class. She looked very small swimming with the big kids, but she worked really hard. Nothing brings out the competitor in Bridget like being as good as or better than bigger kids. We coordinated with Brittany and her girls again this year and then both of us didn't get the times we wanted. We ended up requesting the same alternative time without consulting each other, so I got to sit around and talk with my favorite girls while we watched the boys swim. Win! The boys were somehow more brave and more cautious this year. They understand now that they can't just walk off the edge into the pool. That brings my blood pressure down. Emil loves to show off - especially doing stuff Colin is still too nervous to try, like jumping off the diving board by himself. 
This made me laugh. They teach the kids to get out of the pool "elbow, elbow, knee, knee" and Emil took their instructions super literally. He didn't use his hands at first and just kind of rolled onto the side. I didn't catch that part with the camera.
Colin would negotiate with the teachers for a long time before he jumped. 
There's Bridget swimming with the big kids. I didn't bring my camera the rest of the days, so I didn't catch the diving part except with my phone.

Brian has a new job in the same company. The new department has a Lagoon Day! For the last couple of years Brian has taken Bridget to Lagoon, just the two of them, during the summer. This year we had free tickets for all of us, so I had no excuse. So that Bridget didn't have to spend all day on little kid rides, we invited Kodi and Clara to come with us. It ended up being The Best Day Ever. For the first few hours I took the boys on a bunch of kid rides while Brian took the girls on big roller coasters. I had so much fun with Emil and Colin! Once they figured out what was happening, they were laughing and cheering and screaming with delight. They helped me forget how sticky, hot, and smelly Lagoon is. :)
These kids were READY to have non-stop fun for nine hours. My favorite is that Emil insisted on sitting by Kodi every chance he got. He crushes on Kodi big time. I think he even held her hand when we were just walking around. :)
I think I've never been more nervous than sitting with the boys on the Ferris Wheel. Too much getting up and down and looking over the edge. Ah!
I was on the Sky Ride with Colin and Brian and Emil were behind us. I got this photo of the girls ahead of me, then tried to turn to take a picture of Brian and Emil. I totally froze. Couldn't do it. No photo of Brian and Emil.
You guys! This is my favorite picture of the whole day. The girls wanted to go on Rattlesnake Rapids. I resisted, but Brian assured me that I didn't have to get wet if I didn't want to. Um, yeah, there is no controlling that raft. After the first wave that drenched us, Emil stood in his seat and screamed and screamed with the biggest smile on his face. As soon as we got out of the ride, the girls led the charge back to the beginning. (The lines were pretty short the day we were there. Except on Cannibal, which none of us went on.) Brian and I made them pose by the waterfall after the second time. Look how wet they are! Brian and I are just as bad. Colin is punching the air. I love this picture. :)

We are dummies for getting this wet right before the sun went down. We never did get dry. We brought clothes for the kids to change into when we got back to the van, so they were comfortable on the way home. While the girls were taking one last ride on the "white" roller coaster, Brian and I rode the carousel with the boys. I got a softball-sized bruise on my thigh getting off my horse on the carousel and landing on the ear of the duck or swan next to me. Battle scar. At 9:50pm Brian got on Wicked one last time with the girls. His birthday phone fell out of his pocket at the top of the roller coaster. He waited at the Lost & Found while I took the kids to the van and helped the boys change clothes. (I texted him five or six times when they didn't appear at our meeting place. I was sitting on a bench with two four year-old boys who were having the Meltdown to End All Meltdowns. Those boys did so great all day - they stayed with us and had fun. After nine hours, two of which were past bedtime, they were DONE.) So, Lagoon won - the repair on Brian's phone cost $200.

One more thing, Emil really wanted to do the race cars, but it was extra money and Colin was too small to even ride in it as a passenger. We hadn't spent a dime at Lagoon (dinner was provided by Brian's company) and I really wanted to take Emil in the race car. Brian sneaked Colin away with the girls to ride a roller coaster again while Emil and I bought tickets and went to the race track. We were the only ones there (it was dark by then), so one of the Lagoon workers got in a car so we could race. He led for several laps, then at the very end he let me pass him so Emil and I could "win." Emil was so proud of me! What a nice thing for that Lagoon employee to do. :)

The boys fell asleep before we were out of the parking lot. I think it was the best day of their lives so far. So much fun. Thank goodness Bridget's friends were there to match her excitement. They made it an even more perfect day.

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