Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School

Bridget had her first day of 4th grade (WHAT?!) almost two weeks ago and this is the boys' second week at preschool. We started Bridget's first day in the usual way, walked her to the bus stop and took lots of photos.
She finally smiled when I reminded her that I had to put Kodi's tooth in my pocket the day before. (We were at a park when the tooth fell out and Kodi didn't have any pockets. I forgot to give it to her when we took her home, so I kept accidentally touching the tooth in my pocket because I forgot it was there. I almost puked every time. GAG.)
The boys watched Riley's bus come and go.
This is what the bus stop looks like from across the street.
Little brothers entertaining themselves while we waited.
Bridget is two less friends her age at the bus stop this year. :( Kodi moved, but she's still in town. Addy moved to Texas. Rough stuff. We're sure glad Clara is still here!
Still waiting, may as well have a foot race. Henry is dialed in. Cruz is going back to the starting line.

After we'd been standing around for 35 minutes, a neighbor from down the street stopped by to tell us there would be no bus. Everyone rushed to their vans so the kids would get to school on time. Talk about anti-climactic! That first day was long for me. The boys and I wandered around town, played at a park close to the school. I almost convinced them we should stop by and see how Bridget was doing. Some time after lunch Colin said, "Where's Bridget?" Finally it was time to go meet her at the bus stop with our sugar cookies shaped like apples (store bought, natch).
She's had to take a lot of tests in the last few weeks. Pretty stressful. Makes me glad we had such an amazing summer. 

After the craziness of having the boys in two different preschools last year, I decided to send them both to Miss Jeanna's this year. Emil's old preschool was free, but I paid for it with my nerves. Now I don't have to worry about four different car pool arrangements and I get the full 2 1/2 hours, twice a week off. I won't have to go to two holiday parties on the same day and I won't have to figure out two birthday parties on the same day. I am the winner!
We even walked to school on the first day. 
I let them pick out their own backpacks this year. 
The first day is the only day they've let me walk them to the door. Thank goodness there are two of them. 

Another major change in our life is Brian's new truck. He's been waiting for a long, long time to get a truck. After spending many hours at dealerships, over the last few months, he finally bought his truck. Brian got home so late with the new truck that the kids were in bed. The next morning Emil went out to see the truck before anything else.
Emil yelled over and over: "I WUV THIS TRUCK!" If he wasn't a 41 year-old man, Brian would have been doing the same thing.
Brian said he was surprised to feel a little sad trading in the Nissan Maxima. We took some fun trips in that car. It's totally forgotten now, though.
Now when we drive down the road and Emil sees a white Ford he'll say, "That's just like my truck!" :)

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melissa said...

I'm so happy for Brian! That truck is AMAZING. I can see why Emil is in luv. That story about the bus not coming is hilarious. School!!!!