Monday, September 7, 2015

Farewell, Janessa and September Birthdays

Our niece, Janessa, left for Peru a few weeks ago. The day that she spoke in church was also our stake conference. I sang in the choir and accompanied the children's choir and Bridget was in the children's choir for stake conference. We couldn't leave early and we only had exactly enough time to hightail it to Payson to see Janessa (she was totally worth it). All to explain why I only had my phone camera. When the boys have to endure three hours in a row of people speaking and singing, I cannot be on the job for anything else. (Brian had to entertain Emil and Colin during stake conference because I was sitting with the choir. Emil did a remarkable impression of the choir director during our final number. I think we've found his calling.)
After church we went to a park for a little lunch. Emil went and got me this drink. I watched him fill it himself, then slurp a little off the top because it was too full, then he walked like this all the way back to me. Job well done!
One of Janessa's work friends did this chalkboard art. I love this! 
Janessa's receiving line. Some of the people who came were patients at the doctors' office where Janessa works. Her customer service must be legendary!
I think we're getting pretty good at the family photo ops. I asked Janessa to put the chalkboard in the photo so that when all of us are old and we see this photo we won't wonder what it was for. See how tired and sweaty the boys are? Whew! Saying goodbye to Janessa is hard work for all of us.

Yesterday we had our first Sunday Birthday Party without Janessa. Several others were missing, but Nate's birthday is in September, so he kept the party alive. He invited some of his new friends from next door to come over for cake. 
Good thing, because we had a lot of cake.
And Nate really wanted to impress those girls. :)
It's also McKade's birthday this month. He'll be 20! He was just a year old when Brian and I got married. Crazy.
Brighton and Dena. 
Grandma found the gift they'd given Colin at the Christmas party and that we haven't seen since the night of the party. It's a September Miracle!
This is Emil's face a lot these days. No one is doing exactly what he wants ever, you guys!
Sweet Cousin Abby is so good to the little kids.
Nate got Book of Mormon "guys," Ninja Turtles, and cold hard cash. Happy Day!
Kyle and Diana couldn't make it, but their kids came anyway. I thought that was very nice of them. I bet Jake would have done the same. ;)

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