Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now I'm A Believer

Bridget participated in her school's musical, Shrek The Musical, Jr. She went to rehearsals twice a week after school, which kinda messed up her play time with friends. Then they had an all-day Saturday rehearsal and that cramped her ski day style. She declared that she was finished with plays from now on after a five hour dress rehearsal that went until 10pm on a school night. I predicted she'd change her mind after being in the show.
Bridget was a Woodland Creature, specifically a raccoon. She and her friend, Sami, had Sami's Mom do their make-up all three nights of the show so that they would be twinsies. I went by myself on opening night and the two of them were adorable. They did everything together on stage and backstage. 
On the second night of the show, we took the whole family plus Grandma Peggy, and Brian's parents and Nate came, too. The only time I could get Colin to pay attention to what was going on onstage was during "I Think I've Got You Beat" when Fiona and Shrek have a farting contest. Colin clapped enthusiastically after that number.
The kid playing Lord Farquaad was hilarious. 
A former piano student of mine (and big sister of "Donkey") was doing everything backstage (I helped backstage on the final night of the show), including painting Shrek green. I knew more of the kids than I thought I would. One of my favorite things is watching Bridget at school and with her friends. She's so easy-going and magnetic. 
When I was backstage one of my duties was dressing the little Fiona on the right. :)
The kids were hanging out like this backstage and then all the sudden they would get up quietly and stand in the wings waiting for their cue. What the WHAT? How did they know when to get up? Fascinating.
Not great lighting backstage, but still fun to take some photos. I only got that one of Bridget. She and Sami were always moving, so they were fuzzy in every picture. The play was our whole life for a week, then it was over. We'll see if Bridget changes her mind when it comes around again. :)

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melissa said...

Production photos are one of my favorite things. Such a fun show! I love Lord Farquat (sp?) and that farting contest song is the worst. The end.