Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Official Easter Duds 2016

I took pictures of the kids the Sunday before Easter because I am a wizard. It was the most beautiful day and we'd been to the Provo City Center Temple Dedication broadcast at our stake center that morning. We were done by 10:30am and we had the whole day to play games and eat food and enjoy each other without screens or anywhere else to go. The perfect Sunday! I didn't get great cooperation from the kids even though it was The Perfect Day. As always.
This is a "Squeezie Hug" - Emil's creation. when it's Colin's turn for prayers he often blesses our "Sister, Brudder, and Udder Brudder."
The dancing shot would have been better if I could show their feet. The grass was brown and we had it aerated a few days before. It looked like the lawn was covered in poop.
My Sweethearts.
Bridget could pose for me all day. Angel child.
I got one of Emil. One. I love it, thank goodness.
Colin looks like a character out of a Dick and Jane book. He has five little freckles on his nose. Love this expression. :)

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melissa said...

Goodness they are adorable!