Friday, December 2, 2016

20 Years of Wedded Bliss

Brian and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on November 29th. We have a big trip planned for just the two of us in March and we're going out tonight to celebrate, but on our actual anniversary, we just had a regular day. Except that I picked up Katy's daughter, Eliza, at the airport and she and I put up all the Christmas decorations (tree and everything!) while the kids were at school. Eliza went to the MTC on Wednesday and she was already set apart as a missionary, so she had to have someone with her all the time. It was nice for Brian and me to wish each other a happy anniversary and reminisce throughout the day. I brought out our wedding photos so we could see how much has changed:
We're kids! Our photographer told us to look at each other, so we did. We were in love and happy. Now for a similar photo 20 years later, taken by my super talented sister, Melissa:
Spot the differences! Obviously we've aged, but I love this photo because of the way we're looking at each other. Unlike on our wedding day, we've now been through 20 years of trials, unbelievable happiness, near-death experiences, becoming parents together, thousands of little acts of love and service to one another. What a beautiful adventure so far.

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melissa said...

Word. You guys are way more in love now. :)