Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crushing Thanksgiving

We had everything at Thanksgiving this year; pie for breakfast, cousins to play with, harvesting carrots from Grandpa's garden, an epic puke during Thanksgiving dinner, a Gilmore Girls Revival marathon, Black Friday shopping and weeping... Everything!

Grandma Peggy insisted on hosting (twist my arm!) in Chubbuck. My brothers and their families were there and Makenzie with her kids. I'm the second oldest of eight in our family and Makenzie, Rob, and Aaron are six, seven and eight. Because Brian and I didn't get children until we'd been married for 10 years, that means my children match up nicely with my youngest siblings' children. (What a terrible sentence! Who is copy-editing this?!) Also, we brought Jennie's son and our favorite, Taylor. It was a FULL house. There were very few incidents with the kids, though. They got along really well. Makenzie's girls, Claire and Ruby, followed Bridget around and all the little boys followed Gabriel around. Somehow Colin and Rob and Aunt Claire's little Moira became inseparable. Colin loves babies and toddlers. As long as we kept giving Aaron and Lori's little Macey a cracker, she was fine. :)

My family arrived on Wednesday night. While the kids played, we had a fun talk around Mom and Dad's dining table. Thanksgiving morning we ate pie for breakfast. The best. The men and children bundled up to play football at the park down the street. I followed them 10 minutes later to get photos.
Brian, Aaron, and Taylor probably doing post game.
Grandpa Bob was the only one dressed appropriately. It was TOO COLD to play football. Also, Claire, Bridget and Ruby holding hands.

We lounged around, ate cheese ball and crackers, went to the park. Then Grandpa Bob took the grandkids out to harvest their carrot crop.
As you see, the kids were STOKED right from the start.
Starting to warm up. Emil and Ruby are my favorites in this photo.
By the time all the carrots were picked, children were laughing and high-fiving. Grandpa cleaned up the carrots and took off the greenery, but left them intact instead of chopping them. They were at our Thanksgiving feast and still recognizable enough for the kids to handpick the ones they'd pulled up. ADORABLE!
Also adorable, having four five-year-old kindergartners at our Thanksgiving celebration. On my side of the family there are five kindergartners right now. Aron and Allyn's Chance is the only one missing from this photo.
Marco in search of dropped candy during the Bingo game.
Aunt Claire helped the kids make hats. They chose what to put on the hat that they were thankful for. Ruby is thankful for Bridget. :)

We finally ate Thanksgiving Dinner at 5:45 PM. It smelled amazing, the first several bites I took were the best. Then Sweet Marco puked ALL OVER his poor Mama, Makenzie. I have a gift for exaggeration, but I am not embellishing this at all. Makenzie was COVERED in puke. I whisked Marco away so Makenzie could get cleaned up and after Grandma Peggy and I gave him a hobo bath, he gestured toward his blanket in his crib, so I wrapped him up and he fell asleep on my shoulder. I continued eating after he'd fallen asleep. It's been a long time since I ate with a sleeping baby in my arms, but I remembered how to do it. :)

The men and children went to the park again Friday morning while the rest of us watched Gilmore Girls on Mom's brand new smart TV. She bought it, and another just like it, just for this occasion. The last time my parents bought a TV is NEVER. Okay, remember my gift. I think they got one almost 10 years ago. Before that, though, it was NEVER. One of our neighbors gave us their old TV so we could watch the Olympics in 1990. Before that we watched TV on a 12" black and white set. Oh, the humanity! We soldiered on and watched a lot of TV anyway. I have no pictures from Friday. I worked on a T-shirt quilt for Brian for the first two episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. During the third episode I went to the mall with Makenzie, Bridget, Claire, and Ruby. I'm not a Black Friday shopper. There were three people standing in front of a shelf I wanted to look at in Deseret Book just talking about their lives. I walked away instead of asking them to pardon me. Bah. Still, always fun to hang out with one of my sisters. I'm pretty sure all I ate on Friday was pie. Inevitable migraine, but that's what I get. After dinner on Friday we had a little program with Makenzie's kids, my kids, Grandpa Bob and Taylor. I accompanied Taylor singing "Anthem" from the musical Chess. We found out our mutual love of that song during a jam session a few Sundays ago. So fun! 

Saturday morning I finally remembered to go for a walk with my Mom. (She and Makenzie had walked on Thursday and Friday morning because I FORGOT.) We left some stuff at Mom and Dad's (tradition!) and headed home. It was one of my top five Thanksgivings, I think. It was the best to have all the little kids running around together playing with Transformers and trains. I love to hear them call each other by name. :)

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melissa said...

Whew! Thanks for making me feel like I was there. The cousins! The T.V.! The puke! :)