Saturday, August 29, 2009

Done And Done!

Except for the dresser in my storage room that needs to be painted and be-knobbed with something cute and vintage-y. Another day. Maybe even another day this week while I can still use the rollers on my paint... rollers.

What am I talking about?! Last November (back off) I got a wild hair (or is it hare?) and decided to paint Bridget's room while Brian was in San Francisco. This was before I became an expert at painting, so I chose a white that was pretty much the same white they use for the mud in sheetrock. Kind of stark. Also, Brian put up the chair rail and then we left it unpainted, un-sanded, and not caulked. We left the blue tape around the light and above the doors. We left the doors unpainted. For nine months.

Last weekend the stars aligned - it had been a long enough time since I'd painted anything (I didn't think time would ever come) and we didn't have anywhere to go or anything in particular to do. So! We bought unfinished shelves, some painting equipment (that it turned out we had all along), moved Bridget into Uncle Aaron's room and finished her bedroom. Finally.
Helpful, as always, here is Bridget holding the level.

Yeah - that's what I like to see. Small person with a box full of drill bits. This encourages my newest pet peeve: Why does Bridget play with everything except the toys we've given her?

Does the pink room detract from the manliness of Brian using his drill?

I used the "gloss" version of the same semi-gloss "Dover White" that I used on the lower walls for the shelves and the chair rail. The jewelry boxes in the top right of this picture are the ones my Grandma Carol gave my sister, Jen, and me. By the window is a Sarah Jane drawing that used to be the only thing in the room.

Every bedroom needs a chair, I think. We have some scheming girls in the neighborhood who showed up at my doorstep a few weeks ago to sell me this chair. For $2. I didn't ask many pertinent questions, I just gave them $2 and told them not to ring the doorbell more than once next time. On the left is Bridget's completed Stay In Bed Chart. Straight up from the chair is the framed photo Busath sold me for $30 when they were done displaying it. It's a cheap little corner.

Doors are a huge pain to paint. That and the four bags Bridget has draped over the closet door knob are the only reasons for displaying this picture.


allyn said...

your cheap and clever decor skills are definitely working this room. every girl needs a pink room. i can't believe you wanted to paint anything ever again after the basement. painting is for the birds.

Jess said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous room. It makes me want to do something with my own room. Nice work!

melissa said...

Love it! I was secretly wondering what you were waiting for with the unfinished chair-rail and blue tape. I don't know nothin' bout paintin' no rooms, so I chose not to ask. Were those girls selling anything else or just taking that rocking chair door to door? Curiouser and curiouser.

Ashley said...

Hey Nicole, I'm just doing a preschool rotation with a few other moms. We each have a few letters and are teaching some concept as well. I'm so excited it worked out, we couldn't afford preschool this year, so I knew I'd have to do something like this. I'm a little scared of teaching little kids, though :)

And I need that bedtime chart! We have some serious issues with that around here.

amylouwho said...

LOVE IT ALL!! I can't wait until we have our own house where I can do stuff like that...... grumble grumble.

Tell me about the stay in bed chart (I need one for not getting up too early.)

Angie said...

Very pretty.