Friday, August 21, 2009

Not In The Mood

I'm not feeling the blogging lately. Sorry. The only reason I'm even posting anything today is because I'm tired of seeing my last post.

First of all, it seems like it's all about food these days. I'm reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and I saw the movie last week. The book (and the movie) made me fall in love with Julia Child. Now there's a woman who found something she was passionate about and worked hard to learn everything she could about it. Julie Powell? Not so much. Amy Adams as Julie Powell is fun, but I think Julie Powell has a potty pen and that means (to me) a lack of imagination. We can still be a lady and a writer. (Seriously - I was going to link to her blog, but there were too many "f" bombs on the very first page. Ew.) (Also, I went to the movie with some girlfriends and the very first thing anyone said when it was over was, "What is wrong with her hair?" She wasn't talking about Meryl Streep as Julia Child. Bad wig. Bad bad wig. Or Ms. Powell has bad hair in real life.)

And one of the few shows I've been into this summer (besides The West Wing twice a day) is Top Chef Masters. I like the regular Top Chef until the uncomfortable moments when a contestant flips out or says something disrespectful to a judge or a fellow contestant. Top Chef Masters was nothing but professional chefs who really (really) know what they're doing and they never utter an unkind word. I'm in love with Rick Bayless and Hubert Keller. I want to eat their food. I want to be around them because they seem very nice. I would watch them every day over contestants who fight and whose egos are so big they could apply for statehood.
Since it's all about food, I made blackberry jam yesterday while Bridget and Tyce played. I spent a few hours squeezing blackberries through a jelly bag, then going through blackberries one by one and taking that ridiculous green stem out of each of them. Tyce watched me pour all the jam into the jars and later he watched me splash boiling water on my face and neck as I lost my grip on the thing that holds the bottles in the wet bath canner. No swears, I promise. Anyway, jam is definitely love.

Also we're all about Mulan at our house these days. Bridget could watch it all day every day. It's because of Mulan that Bridget can go through the car wash without crying. (She hates it when it rains hard and we're in the car and she double hates it when we go through the car wash.) After going through the car wash the other day she told me she was brave... like Mulan. I have issues (obviously), but that movie makes me cry. When the empreror tells her she brought her family honor and everyone in China bows to her? WAH! I'm easy.

So, that's what's up. The kids are back in school, but somehow the neighborhood is still full of children. My piano students start coming back next week. Wish me luck. I might be looking at this post for a while, too.


Jen said...

Mulan- Taylor's favorite movie when he was four. I've got a video of him doing the "let's get down to bidness" song with moves and a big stick. Awe-some. I'm so happy for Bridgie!

Angie said...

Loved Julie and Julia, but for the Julia, not so much the Julie. Amy Adams has beautiful hair! Why not just let the Julie character have Amy's hair? I don't know. Meryl Streep was perfect. I bought the French cooking cookbook and am going to give it a try. A feeble try.

Good luck with the piano students!

Jess said...

I have been SOOO interested in "Julie and Julia", so I'm glad to see a mostly positive review. I may also have to give the book a try now.

That is so sweet that Bridget wants to be brave like Mulan. :)

Good luck with the upcoming school year (piano)!

Andrea Lei said...

"Told ya so!"...about Mulan that is. Do you wonder how you could have gone to Disneyland without your little girl seeing it??

allyn said...

i have been in a blog funk as well. you may have noticed. it has been 6 weeks since my last entry. stuff is happening and i am taking pictures, but... i don't have it in me, i guess.

thanks for the new post for my benefit as well as yours.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Jen! (And Andrea for other reasons.) I could NOT imagine why the "Let's Get Down to Business" song would be so familiar to me and why I could picture Ben singing it. I feel so much better. :)

I really enjoyed the movie, Jess. I should have been more clear. It's the book that is making mad.

You really bought the book, Angie?! I'm impressed. I'm also tempted to get it and make the beef stew... Not the steak with bone marrow sauce. Shiver.

Mom said...

We got a copy of the cookbook for a wedding present (a LONG time ago!) and I think I made one or two things from it. I saw it at Katy's house last week. :)
Taylor was singing everything at age four!

bobincary said...

I saw that prize winning jelly and thought I would break the screen trying to get at it. All I could think about was how good it would taste with some chips to dip it in.

koryn said...

Your jam making has inspired me! A local orchard has stopped taking care of the trees the past few years and just opens it up to the public if you want to haul your cookies, kiddies, buckets and ladders over.

Peaches - I love peach anything so we picked enough to mostly satiate (sp?) my craving.

Wish me luck! I may even enter it in the San Juan county fair next summer. Let's just say after attending said fair this summer, the competiton may not be too stiff and my fragile ego could get a boost!

Katy said...

What? I have that book at my house? Where? I need to know!! ...I really don't think I do...

I totally cry at that scene in Mulan. And the one in Lord of the Rings when Aragorn tells the Hobbitses "My friends, you bow to no one." and they all bow to them. I am not going to read that book. 150 pages into it and they still hadn't left the Shire. Boring..

melissa said...

Ha! I totally cry at those parts, too, Katy. Remember when Eliza used to "Get down to business" and pretend to be Mulan? So long ago.

Did Dad say he wants to dip chips in your jam? Is that a good thing?

hOLLIANN said...

No swears...he he he!