Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Anton & Rosina Lallatin's Wedding Photo

Last week it was Helena and Florence Lallatin, two of Anton and Rosina Lallatin's ten children.  (Helena was number seven and Florence was number ten.)  Today I'm posting Anton and Rosina's wedding photo.  I don't know much about these two.  They came from Balzholz, Germany to Logan, Utah to live with some cousins of Rosina's.  They ended up in Soda Springs, Idaho, where the Chester family had already settled and it was there that Colin (Chester) and Helena (Lallatin) met. 

I have found a few letters from Rosina to "Lena" that are very affectionate and familiar.  They had a loving relationship, which is nice to know.  Also, Rosina sent a very cute Valentine to my Grandma Carol when Grandma was a little girl.  Sending Valentines is something my Mom does for her grandchildren as well.  Tradition!


Ashley said...

'The Mamaaaas! Tradition!" I think she looks so much like Grandma Furniss. This stuff is so awesome to read, thanks for doing all the digging so we can enjoy :)

Mom said...

I have seen this picture before, but didn't put it together who it was. So nice to know more about them, and to find out where I may have gotten my Valentine obsession.:)

melissa said...

She does look like Grandma. These pictures are lovely. Thanks so much for making them available to us and explaining who they are. You are going to heaven, for sure.