Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mama's Girl

Yesterday was Bridget's 4th birthday.  After she got her dream present I put her to work:

She also got a new sprinkler to run through and we had some friends come over for a mini water park party in the backyard:
What's with all the pointing?  Just finding all the bugs.  What a gentleman Tyce is for scooping up the bug and a lot of water and tossing it out of the pool.  Tyce kept coming up to his Mom and telling her, "I'm having so much fun."  I love that kid!  His heart is always on his sleeve... or the tip of his tongue.

The bonus of having Tyce and Clara come over is that they have cute little siblings that come with:
The plan of attack was to run through the sprinkler all crazy and then jump into the pool.  It's okay for Eddie to sit in Bridget's camping chair, but not Clara.  Just know the rules, man.  Also, that bubble wand was the only reason Eddie came over to talk to me the whole time he was here, even though I was providing a venue for the BEST MORNING OF HIS WHOLE LIFE.  Or something like that. :)

After a very long nap, we went to Toy Story 3 "as a family."  Bridget is always suggesting we do stuff "as a family."  I love it.  She sat on my lap for the first half of the show and we laughed in the same spots and looked at each other when something cool happened.  Perfect happiness.  She sat on Daddy's lap for the second half of the show, which included the part where I bawled like a baby.  Bridget looked over and saw that I was crying and put a supportive hand on my leg.  Somehow, even more perfect happiness.  Maybe I would love being a Mom to anyone, but I can't imagine loving anyone more than my little girl.


Mr and Mrs C said...

Sounds absolutely perfect! Sniffle and a tear... ;)(and no I'm not being sarcastic)

Kristi said...

Aww, what a darling post! Love all the pictures of the darling kids. Ed did have the best morning ever, thanks! :) We love our Gigi!

Angie said...

Very sweet. She gets prettier every year.

PS - I heard that Toy Story is a tear jerker. Haven't seen it yet.