Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Bridget's preschool class went on their first field trip to Cornbelly's last Friday.  I went with her and watched her struggle to understand her feelings - one minute she wanted me to hold her hand, the next minute she was pushing me away.  Cornbelly's has several levels of corn mazes, stacks of baled hay to climb on, mini houses and a "pumpkin" carriage, a cornbox (instead of a sandbox - I'm still gagging a little), a hay ride through the cornfield (where we saw a deer), and a weird bouncy pillow thing that the kids had to take off their shoes to jump on.  Outside.  Everywhere around the pillow was wet and muddy.  Genius!

Every time I pick up Bridget from preschool, she talks about the two Connors in her class.  They are so funny!  They said this, they did that...  During this field trip, though, Bridget was glued to a little girl's side.  They did everything together and were usually holding hands.  I found out from "Miss Feather" that the little girl's name is Brinley and that she and Bridget are both very shy and obedient and that they always sit together.  Kindred spirits!  It made me happy to watch it.  It's a little weird that she never talks about Brinley, though.  Only the Connors.  (That's Brinley in front of Bridget in the tube.)

We also had a chance to confirm my suspicions that I would be very bad at finding my way out of a corn maze.  We went into the little one for the kids and the gate keeper (right?) told us it would take five minutes.  Twenty if you inherited your sense of direction from Robert E. Lee.  Boooo.  "Momma!  You're going the wrong way!"  Always.  It reminded me of one of my favorite stories - a long long time ago I worked at Thanksgiving Point.  I was there the year they started having a corn maze in the fall.  My friend and co-worker did the maze with her husband and then 4 year-old son.  They were in the maze for 45 minutes when her son yelled, "WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE EVEN COME IN HERE!"  Oh, man!  That still makes me laugh so hard. :)  Seriously - why would anyone choose to be lost in a corn field?!  Redrum.


Rae said...

Emily had her field trip there yesterday and loved it. Funny about the deer. Miss Heather told us about it and said when Miss Jeanna told the pm preschool about "wild deer" that all the kids freaked out. They didn't want to see "wild deer" in the corn! Corn mazes are A LOT freaky and I am ready for crazy people to peak out all the time!

melissa said...

Why does Bridget look like a tweenager all of the sudden? Chloe looked at her picture and said, "Mommy, I can't tell who that is?" I told her it was Bridget and she said, "She kind of looked different." Please tell her to stop growing. Thanks.

Cornbelly's is either a cute name or very not.

allyn said...

i love fall field trips. they make for some excellent pictures and some surefire good times. sorry you got lost in the maze. scary.

Mr and Mrs C said...

Redrum...I'm still laughing! I know that if I need to smile or laugh, I can check out the latest on your blog and be satisfied. Those field trips are so Cam is too big for them now, but I remember every one.

Katy said...

Bridget looks so grown up! Funny that she only mentions the boys.