Monday, October 18, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Bess & Harry Truman

No, we're not related to Harry Truman, but I'm reading David McCullough's book, Truman, right now and I probably know more about him now than I do most of my ancestors.  This photo was in Grandpa Lloyd's collection.  I'm guessing Grandpa took it, but I don't know when and where.  Maybe Chicago in 1948 or 1949?  That's the most likely since the Trumans probably didn't travel to Idaho or Utah very often.  It's nice to see Bess smiling.  Just last night I was reading about how charming and engaging she was and yet when photographers "pressed in on her" she could look dour and sometimes even angry.  I like that President Truman is dressed exactly the way the book describes him - to the nines. :)

Harry Truman was a very good man.  He didn't believe in putting on "airs."  Doesn't it just look like some kids happened to notice it was him out shopping with his wife and they asked if he'd stop for a photo?  I like that Grandpa included so much of the scene - the young men with the cameras and etc.  Sorry to get off topic, but not really.  (Sorry or off topic.  Ha!)


allyn said...

are you serious? grandpa just had this? i can't believe no one wanted to go through his pile of pictures and now you have ALL of them. you have all the luck. i like that package that he has tucked under his arm. i guess stores use to wrap everything back then.

allyn said...

i also wanted to mention the amazing point that you found this picture in a stack of grandpa's and actually recognized harry truman. i would not have even imagined there would be such a thing in his stack and would have never recognized harry truman. i would have just thought he was some sort of businessman looking dapper.

Angie said...

Wow, that's amazing, and probably worth some money!