Friday, October 22, 2010

Sew & Tell Friday: Fritterin'

I didn't do a post last Friday because I was having Sew Friday at my house!  It was the best.  I have a small group of women who come to my house under cover of darkness once a month to work on projects.  We give up a Friday night with our husbands and we show each other what we're doing and we talk and talk while we work.  I can't believe it, but we've been doing this for a year now.

I established working hours throughout the day on Friday and people came and went.  (Brian took Bridget fishing.  All day.:))  I was able to finish a lone star wall hanging in 24 hours!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love Quiltsmart?  It's a present (wink wink), so I will only show my station and not the finished product:

I only took photos during the afternoon session, so I'm missing a few people, but here is Andrea sewing a skirt on her adorable antique sewing machine:

And Brittany was making a Belle costume for one of her girls.  I love how she does her thread - what is worse than running out of thread?  Brittany is pretty much the brains of any operation she's a part of.

So, finishing a lone star is kind of a big deal and that is what most of my time went to the last few weeks.  I made a couple of car seat blankets (what else is new), though.  I also made this little Hawaiian Kapa block and I was about to put a binding on it when I decided to make it a pillow instead.  No one needs this and I really should have been doing something else when I was doing this, but it's still pretty cool.

I have two more of these with different shapes and colors, but the same Hawaiian look to them.  Wouldn't these pillows look awesome on a painted rocker on a beach house porch?  This one is a pineapple, if you weren't getting that:

The back looks cool, but it's really too small to be a wall hanging and I didn't like how it looked on my dining room table.  That's why it will be a pillow.

I drew the grid on the pineapples before I quilted it, but the rest is just in the ditch stuff.

Go to Amy's for some more inspiring Sew & Tell Friday stories.  (I'm not saying this was inspiring...)


allyn said...

rather inspiring, i would say. too bad i am not receiving a lonestar from you. i would not be able to wait 'til christmas. the pineapples are totally gorgeous.

Tori said...

I love Hawaiian quilting! It's so pretty! Great job.

Aunt Spicy said...

Love, love the pineapples! The quilting is lovely!

Karen said...

That is just so gorgeous. Fantastic quilting.

Miri said...

Sounds like a fun day!

What a beautiful pillow! I just love yellow and white (I'm showing a yellow and white quilt top today!).

melissa said...

Ummm . . . I NEED that pillow. Really. If you could see my living room you would agree.

koryn said...

Ah life has been keeping me in shackles (soft, fun, happy ones, but shackles nonetheless) the past few weeks and it was great to catch up with you and the goings on. I am just eating up the family photos and now have an irresistable urge to read about truman. I read 1776 by the same author, mostly liked it so willing to give him another shake. I would love reading about another president who was a good man. So refreshing. All the quilting is gorgeous but I am having dreams of the Christmas quilt with the 12 days of christmas. You really outdid yourself on that one! The Newspaper Rock 10 K was two weeks ago and I thought of you. Maybe some year we can make that happen.

Nicole said...

Koryn! I should just call you... but for my own shackles. Gore Vidal wrote 1776 - I like him, too, but I think McCullough is better.

Sad about The Newspaper Rock. I really should have done it. Maybe if we start planning now for 2011?