Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family History Photo Monday: Two Great Grandpas

I took a trip down memory lane to see what photos I could post today that haven't been seen before.  Turns out I've been favoring the women a bit.  I am a woman, so...  Today I'm celebrating a couple of my great grandpas - one from my Mom's side of the family (her maternal grandfather) and one from my Dad's family (his paternal grandfather). 

First, Mom's grandfather, Colin Arthur Chester 1881 - 1963:
Nothing was written on the back of this photo, but he looks like he's in his late teens, maybe early twenties.  He would have been living in Soda Springs, Idaho, at the time and working at the general store.  Brian's eyes do that same thing in black and white or sepia photos of him, so I can tell Colin had light blue eyes.  I think he looks very dapper here.

Next is my Dad's grandfather, Edward Lee 1895-1987:
Edward is wearing his World War I uniform here, so this would have been taken between 1914 and 1918, which would make him between 19 and 23 in this photo.  I don't know how extensive his involvement was in the war.  (Too bad Dad forgot his password, or he could tell us all in a comment.)  Edward looks so confident and determined, yet a little apprehensive maybe.

It's kind of nice to see these two men together.  As far as I know, they never met each other.  And yet, they are such a big part of my family's history.  I just blew my own mind.


Jen said...

I think Dad said that Gpa Lee never had to fight. It goes with the story about Gpa Curtis being stationed in the South during WWII and not having to fight and the Vietnam war ending within hours of Dad having to fight.
How about those handsome men, anyway? I can't get over that uniform. Can you imagine?

melissa said...

Great-grandpa Lee looks a lot like General Waverly on White Christmas!

"We'll follow the old man wherever he wants to go . . ."

allyn said...

how incredible are genetics, though. ggpa chester is very uncle wayne, yet very ashley, i think. ggpa lee is very lee. his boys look very much like him. these are both very handsome pictures. i like seeing these people as young'uns.

koryn said...

Speaking up from the Mark Furniss family, how amazing to see the Colin that our Collin has as a namesake. It is a favorite family story that my parents wanted to name Collin "Matthew" of all things. In my best 14-year-old manner I booed that idea and offered the name of Collin as a replacement. It took. When Grandma Carol heard she said with pleasure "Oh, you named him after my father!" To which my dad paused and said, "Of course!"

This photo is the first I have ever seen this Colin. Thanks for connecting us.

Katy said...

Koryn, that 's hilarious! I totally thought that's where the name came from. Nicole, great pictures, as usual. Those are some handsome men, and you really can tell that Collin had blue eyes. Thanks for posting them both.