Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gun Show

Both Emil and Colin needed a bath this morning.  Big time.  Emil's getting some roly-poly-ness to him and I love it!  He's my first chubby baby.  Colin still has the skinny little frog legs, but they are adorable too.  I caught them basking in the sun this morning before they took their baths (one at a time).
I love that Colin is looking at Emil here.
I think the only thing the same is the nose.
Thumbs up!


Jen said...

Gun show- hahahaha!!!

Kellie said...

So funny! They are adorable! I remember bath time one at a time...I love that mine can bathe together now. They love to play in the tub. I love Emil's chunky legs!

melissa said...

No way! He's totally doing thumbs up. That's hilarious. Cutest gun show, ever.

allyn said...

poor colin is still swimming in his diaper. emil was definitely hogging the juice in vitro. i think their noses and eye shape are very similar. colin is just not as filled out yet.

Nicole said...

Brian said the same thing, Al. When they wear hats and they're all bundled up, they look totally the same.