Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cheers to the Zookeeper!

The universe almost got me this last week.  First I tried to catch my babies both looking at the camera and coo-ing/smiling at the same time.
Colin is cooperating here.  Sort of.
That's a cute expression on Emil, but what is Colin looking at now?
Nice one, Mom.  Totally out of focus.

I had to move on to other goals.  High priority this week was my piano students coming back.  I'm down to 16, only four a day.  The thought of it, however, was giving me little heart attacks.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had help with the kids, but Emil and Colin slept through the lessons (except Colin on Tuesday -  he only slept through three of them, but he had Grandma to love him).  I had prepared enough dinners to just throw stuff in the oven every night, too.  On Thursday the system broke down - no one to play with the kids and the boys weren't having it when I suggested they nap at the same time.  I was totally sweating by the end of the two hours.  But!  We still had Meatballs with Mustard Cream Sauce, rice, peas, and rolls fresh from the oven for dinner.  My one victory of the day.

Normally I would have tried to take Friday off.  My parents were staying with us and it would have worked out for at least the first half of the day.  However, I couldn't take off ZOOKEEPER DAY.  Bridget's preschool spotlights a different student in the class every week.  It is a big deal.  Maybe the biggest.  She has come home from a Zookeeper Friday (the day the Mom of the student comes in and talks about their child and does a craft or activity with all the students) decked out in all kinds of homemade pirate gear.  Once she came home begging for a pet snake (dude) like the one Connor B. brought to Zookeeper Friday.  I was starting to freak out a little about the expectations.  We had to do something STUPENDOUS, right?  Bridget liked my idea of making Fruit Loop necklaces (Bridget loves jewelry, see) and bringing her twin baby brothers to show all her friends. 

One little boy in particular was really stoked about seeing the babies.  He came right over to Emil (who was being held by my Mom - my parents came with us, which is the only reason I survived to write this post) and started making faces and being funny.  It all happened so fast in bad lighting, but I'm posting this photo anyway.

Emil held court with the children.  He has plenty of wisdom to share.  He reminds me of Winston Churchill, really.
(I love that girl on the far left.  She would be bored by fireworks, I think.  I've never seen a different expression on her face.  It's her Bowling Face, her Looking at a Baby Face, and her Cornbelly's Face.  Meh.)

I'm pretty sure we were a success.  My definition of success is everyone needing a nap when we get home.  The boys both slept for almost three hours, Grandma and Grandpa both took naps, and even Bridget got a nap.  I'm pumped full of caffeine because I usually don't have time for a nap, but I did zone out in front of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  (That's right, I'm back on the sauce - caffeine and Real Housewives.  Just be cool, man.  I can quit any time I want.)  Also, Bridget said she wished she could be the Zookeeper again next week.  (Dad noticed one of the boys shoving his Fruit Loop necklace into his front pants pocket.  Mums the word - it's a special treat for his mom.)

Whew!  This week was so fun we should do it again next week.  Sigh.


Jill said...

I'm just impressed you're taking on piano lessons at all. And're my new hero!

Nice job with pre-school.

melissa said...

Way to keep it together, man. Zookeeper is such a funny name for that day. Cheers to you!

allyn said...

some moms have too much time. like that one who dressed up like a pirate. huh?
i love that picture with emil's tongue out. it would have been priceless if it were in focus. hahaha.
you are amazing taking on the piano lessons. that is tough.
glad gma and gpa could come help out.

koryn said...

Ah. The Zoo. We all know it so well. I think you managed beautifully, especially the part where you recruited every available source of help. That is what the truly intelligent moms do. The others end up weeping in a puddle on the floor each night (OK - you might do that too but at least you have TRIED to avoid it!) Why do we have to keep watching the "Real Housewives of (insert name)"? What IS the addiction? I cannot explain it but I mocked it until I got pulled into the "Beverly Hills" version and could NOT STOP. I laughed at myself the whole time I sat glued to the TV. Heaven help us poor addicts :)