Friday, March 11, 2011


I can't imagine anything making me happier than a warm(er) day and an invitation to the park.  Bridget and I were bouncing off the walls until it was time to go yesterday.  We got the babies all bundled up and met Angelyn and Kristi (and all their kids) at the park for lunch and playing.  It took a minute for Tyce, Clara, and Bridget to warm up and start really running like the little crazies they are.  Ed kept up with them well this time - he is a big kid now, after all.  Lauren is quite a daredevil.  She even tried running into the street while her Mom was holding a baby.  (Crazy like a fox!)  The big kids played Hide-and-Seek with their own spin on it, which was they hid in the same round tube every time and the seeker watched them hide while he/she was counting.  Everyone wins?
Clara, the Seeker, counting.
A-HA!  Everyone is in the tube.
Eddie and Lauren are about a step behind, hiding in the tube after everyone else already got found.
I can't imagine a day when we don't have to worry about one of the kids on this scary ladder.  Yesterday it was Ed.
Angelyn had to hand Colin off to Kristi before Lauren ran out into the road.  Kristi had her hands full of Henry already.  (Eight kids four years-old and younger and three adults?  What just happened?!)
Emil still has his doubts about this "outside" business.
At the two minute warning, Clara organized a quick planning meeting.  
I totally forgot that playing at the park means an awesome nap for a baby!  It's been too long since Bridget used to do that.


Kristi said...

These pictures are perfect! Thank you for sharing them. We had a grand time, as usual. And yes, eight kids four and under is just insane! How did that happen?!

allyn said...

an awesome nap for baby, no down time for mom. those hide-and-seek games are so fun to watch. good thing everyone was in on the rules. glad you guys got a good park day. it is so refreshing.