Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I should be taking a shower and hydrating right now.  Everyone woke up at the same time this morning and all the kids needed something from me for two hours straight.  Bottles, baths, clean up on aisle three, change of clothes, breakfast, hair curled, new blankets, socks, shoes...  Then, just as suddenly, the twins are asleep and Bridget is at school.  Whew! 

Speaking of Bridget, she is very into getting herself dressed these days.  Sometimes it's a problem because when we're going somewhere I can only stand to have one of us looking homeless (me - always me).  When she didn't have school the other day and I figured she could get away with it, this was the ensamble she came up with:
White socks, black pants, Amy Butler skirt, brown hoodie with pink and yellow flowers, midnight blue T-shirt with giant sequin heart, purple headband.  Yikes.
We went outside to play and it was colder than I thought and sprinkling a little.  However, it took me so long to get the babies out and happy that I decided to stay outside for the amount of time it took me to get outside.  In between fits of crying and indignation, I got a picture of Emil and his maybe new eye color.
What do you think?  Hazel?
The boys were not asleep here, just trying to keep the bright out of their eyes.

When we came inside Colin fell asleep immediately (so stressful!) and Bridget and Emil shared a nice moment under the Sesame Street arch.  Feel the love, man. :)

Here's my pretty girl this morning leaving for the St. Patrick's Day party at preschool.
She asked me if she could change her shirt when she gets home from school.  Nuts.


allyn said...

she is quite the trend setter. i love that green sweater in the last picture. how could she not want to wear it everyday? that girl has such a sweet little face. speaking of sweet little faces, the boys keeping the bright out of their eyes: adorable.

RCH said...

Dos is my crazy dresser. Mostly I let her wear whatever she wants -- I figure it's a fairly harmless expression of her individuality, and I'm glad to see that she doesn't care what other people think -- but there are times when simply MUST intercede. LOL.

When did Bridget get so big? I don't know if it's the contrast with the boys, but all of a sudden she looks so grownup! Awwww.

Kellie said...

I am LOVING the pictures of Bridget and Emil!! How cute is that? She is gorgeous and the boys are so precious (not the cat).

Ashley said...

Aaaaaa!!! It's St Patrick's Day! I am so glad I had time to look at blogs this morning before preschool. I owe ya one.

Jen said...

I think she looks adorable. What do you want to be all matchy-matchy for anyway? Love the sibling moments- and the calm after the storm. I live for the calm after the storm....