Monday, June 6, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Baby Nicole's Blessing, January 1974

A few minutes ago I decided that the family history photos for this month will be about fathers.  I'm in charge and there is a theme!  I should have thought of this last month for mothers, but I feel like I celebrate motherhood and sisterhood a lot on my blog.  That's what I am - a mother and a sister, right?  Yesterday we attended the blessing of little Ian, my younger brother Rob and his wife, Claire's, first born.  I'll write about that later. Meanwhile, let's go back in time (and take state!) to January 1974 and the picture I found from my blessing day.

From left to right: Ray England (Dad's uncle), Wayne Furniss, Lloyd Furniss, Mark Furniss, Robert Lee holding a screaming Me, Milton England (my great-grandfather), Curtis Lee, and Larry Lee.

There is a very nice version of this photo somewhere.  In it I'm smiling and talking to Grandpa Furniss and he is looking at me while everyone else is looking at the camera.  I don't have that one.  Oh, well.  I'm wearing a lovely crocheted dress and all the men look so sharp.  I'm betting Grandpa wasn't thrilled with the setting for the photo and it looks like the photographer was falling backwards as they hit the button.  I love how families come together for a baby blessing.  It's one of the few occasions where we get to go to church together.  It may be a tad stressful for the mothers, but I guess that just makes it more memorable, eh? :)

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Jen said...

Falling backwards...haha. I love the Motel 6 curtains and cinderblock walls. Those are some sharp looking dudes, though!