Monday, August 15, 2011

Family History Photo Monday: Furniss Brothers 1920s

I don't have an exact date for this one, but I'm guessing 1920s.  This is my Grandpa Lloyd Furniss's grandfather (Smith) standing with two of his brothers.  Clearly Grandpa Lloyd did not inherit his Grandpa Smith's hair.  I have one other photo of Smith and he's wearing a hat. Grandpa Lloyd Smith Furniss was named after his Grandpa Smith Furniss (obviously) and Grandpa Lloyd used to say it was because his father, Bryant James Furniss, wanted to make sure he was in Smith's will.  Hmmmm. 

I wish I knew what the occasion was here.  They don't seem terribly comfortable in ties.  Smith's hands remind me of Grandpa Lloyd's, anyway.  I'm posting an old-y today because I got an email from a distant relative (from Orvil Ohlson's line - he's Winnifred Ohlson Furniss's brother) after they Googled Orvil's name.  How awesome is the internet!  Maybe Ephraim and Robert have relatives out there looking for them, too. :)


koryn said...

Always love the Family History Monday. Also, tried to call u but ur line was busy. We got away too late today to stop for a visit. Bummer. Hope to catch u and Brian next time around. Thanks for the open invite. We will take u up on it soon.

Mom said...

This is amazing - where are you finding these pictures? I've never seen a picture of Smith that young. I noticed the hands too.:) Thanks for posting this!