Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Utah

After Melissa and her family visited Utah a few weeks ago she observed that over-the-top shakes and glorious sunsets were two of the sure signs you are enjoying summer in Utah.  I guess I've lived here too long, because it took that observation for me to notice that there are some truly awesome things about a Utah summer.  At the end of a long day, we sometimes go out in the backyard and sit on a blanket.
It's no big deal if the blanket isn't quite big enough because the grass is thick and soft.  I like that it's nice in the shade in Utah.  I've lived in other states (who shall remain nameless) where there is no relief ANYWHERE in the summer time.  Melissa also mentioned that cheap haircuts are particular to Utah.  I didn't take this photo to show off the haircut, but since Bridget got a haircut earlier in the day, I'll count it.
When we planted that seed Bridget brought home from Primary in a paper cup, we were under the impression it was a cucumber.  Clearly, it is a sunflower.  Which is why it is growing in our super hard ground that we didn't do anything about AGAIN this year.  Next year for sure.  Anyway, a cucumber would never have made it this far.  Bonus!

On Monday we decided to get dinner at Iceberg and go for a drive in the canyon and eat it.  You can live in very few places where it's only a few minutes to the mountains.  On the Iceberg menu it says you can upgrade your meal to include a "mini shake."  It sounded good, so Brian and I both got one.  "Mini" at the Iceberg means as big as my face and then over the top of the cup.  Lesson learned!  Next time, one shake.  Bridget and I did a little exploring while Daddy and the boys took in the view.  (A good view and being in the car always makes Emil want to poop his pants, so Daddy had the pleasure of changing him in the car.  Nothing makes you feel like a parent more than changing a poopy pants in a car/van.)

I asked Bridget to find us something pretty to photograph and she pointed out this pine cone in the water.  It IS pretty. :)
If Bridget had been with Grandpa Harold, she would have come home a lot dirtier.  Every time she went to step in mud or put her hands deep in the water she'd look back at me and be reminded that I was not Grandpa.  She did find some good walking sticks. :)
This is Colin's face when we play Peek-a-Boo.  He is surprised and delighted every single time!  Easy audience, that one. :)

A few days ago I learned that Bridget doesn't start Kindergarten until the week after the big kids start school.  One more week of summer in Utah!  Hooray!

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melissa said...

I do envy you your Utah summers. No bugs, no humidity, legal aerial fireworks--so jealous.

We used to live right next to the Iceberg and the first time we went, we got minis for everyone. Giant above-the-rim milkshakes with no lids for our four and two year olds. Our car was trashed. I never did finish one of those on my own. I swear it's a whole quart of ice cream.