Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Mom Adjacent

I am not a Fun Mom.  In fact, I am a Fun Hater most of the time.  Lucky for Bridget we live in a neighborhood full of Fun Moms who think of Super Fun Things to do.  They host Last Day of School parties and End of Summer parties.  Some of them even take their children for rides on awesome 4-Wheelers down our street.  I sometimes put a blanket on the lawn and eat a popsicle with Bridget.  Snore.  The thing about living around Fun Moms is that we get to come to a party right outside our door with a 50 FOOT WATER SLIDE.  Not to mention the amazing food.  This was pretty much Bridget's dream come true times a thousand.

I don't think Bridget recognizes me here.  I asked her to smile and she obliged, but she was still a little doped up on 50 FOOT WATERSLIDE.

They had to climb the ladder first.  On one of their trips, a kid slipped at the top of the ladder and everyone went crashing to the bottom like human dominoes.  I watched it happen and made my way around the slide to see if Bridget was okay and by the time I got there she was halfway up the ladder again.  Not going to lose her place in line, suckas!

Is Clara wearing two headbands?  I think they're talking strategy here.
Try as I might, I could not get a photo of them sliding in focus.  It was dark and they were FAST.

Kodi and Bridget exiting the slide.

Oh!  THE HAPPINESS!!!  Seriously, it was the best night of her life.
Emil and Colin were really popular.  One of our neighbors didn't know we had twins.  Ha!  I never leave the house.

Millie and Brooklyn were too ladylike to try the slide.  These two are a year younger than Bridget and Clara and this is exactly what Bridget and Clara did at the neighborhood party last year.  I love our neighborhood!  Thanks, Fun Moms!


Jess said...

Your neighborhood sounds like my dream neighborhood. Last day before school party? How awesome is that! Love the look of sheer happiness on Bridget's last picture.

allyn said...

that does sound like a dream day. i should go organize a street party here, but i would have to introduce myself at thesame time i deliver invites. lilja wants to live on your street.

Angie said...

That waterslide lookes awesome!

RCH said...

I am so not a Fun Mom! I am a Tired Mom. Before I had kids, I had all these big plans for fun and enrichment -- every moment with my not-yet-existent children would be a Quality Moment! Ha-ha. I hope they look back in 20 years and feel like they had a quality childhood, but they won't be looking back on any grand parties or fabulous educational excursions, poor kids. :-P

Your neighborhood sounds awesome. :-)

melissa said...

You are the luckiest. I'm so glad there are fun moms in the world. And people who love animals. "fun mom adjacent" is my favorite post title.

Kristi said...

Clara was, in fact, wearing only two hair accessories. Feel lucky. Usually, she chooses at least six that don't even come close to matching or being on her head in a somewhat normal-looking fashion.

Best day ever, no? I'm sad that I didn't even get to say hi to you that night. I should have convinced you to join me down the slide fully clothed. It was memorable having my t-shirt and jeans suctioning themselves to me. I said memorable, not pretty.