Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Like the Corner of My Mind

Last Saturday Ben and Jen and their boys stopped by for lunch at our house before Jen's 20 year high school reunion.  Makenzie and David joined us with their kids, too.  The hour before everyone arrived was pretty hectic until I realized I might as well not clean.  Duh.  We ate, we had some fun girl time, and David finally got to see photos of Ben with hair.  I forget that Ben, Jen, and I were all at the same high school at the same time.  It's been 20 years, after all.  I shouldn't say I forget - I just don't think about it.  It was fun to go down memory lane with a few of the people who lived on Memory Lane with me.

Ruby, Henry, Claire, Bridget, and Gabriel eating in the shade.
Claire and Gabriel actually look at me when I asked them to.
Ethan, Emil, and Taylor stayed inside with the food.  Ben was just passing through.
Henry deciding if a cowgirl is something he could play with or not.
Ben, David, Jen and Ruby looking at the 1990 yearbook from Woods Cross.  They're on the picture of the student body officers - Ben was Student Body Artist.  He wore shorts to the picture when he was supposed to wear jeans.  He remembered one of the girl officers was mad at him for the rest of the year for that.  I don't know why, but that is super funny to me.
Group shot!  I think it should be a new tradition.


melissa said...

I love that the boys look like a football team on the front row. This post made my day. Thanks, man.

Mom said...

Gabriel is obviously the manager.:) Great group shot - sorry Rob, Claire and Ian didn't make it for the picture. It would have been fun to take the trip down memory lane with you!

allyn said...

way fun visit. who cleans before a million kids come over? not me, unless they are staying the night in our beds and showering in our bathroom. okay, i do clean, but i never notice if someone hasn't.
i love having the fam visit.