Friday, February 22, 2013

Same Thing They Do Every Day, Pinky


I am no match for Emil and Colin.  They are winning.  Emil can get into the cabinets with child locks on them, get a scoop of dishwasher detergent, put it in the right box inside the dishwasher, then start the dishwasher.  I've probably gone through that process in front of him two or three times (it usually happens after they're in bed).  Photographic memory.  They can also climb onto the cabinet under our TV (formerly The Place Where We Put the Remotes) and try to use the TV as a giant tablet.  The other day I locked my bedroom door behind me so that I could get dressed.  When I came out, the boys were standing right outside the bedroom door, Emil holding the keys we've been using to let ourselves in.  The same keys that we put on top of a picture frame next to our bedroom door.  Emil figured out if he tipped the frame to one side, the keys came falling to the floor.

So, here is some photographic evidence:

Sometimes Colin wakes up slowly and this is what he likes to do for a little while.  Couch, blankie, Pooh Bear, and a book about Tow Mater.  Ahhh!  The life.
Other mornings (today) he's on the kitchen counter in search of a phone or a tablet to mess with until breakfast.
Emil can (and does) take off his own clothes.  This morning he came into my room with just the onesie on.  Time to start putting those jammies on backwards, I guess.  The above photo is a fight over the Thomas book.  Colin is sitting on it to keep it away from Emil.
Colin is pretty relaxed for someone who has taken a bigger kid's book.  And that bigger kid is standing right above him.
This is what they did for the 10 minutes it takes me to put make-up on.  
More messing around.  I got a new phone last night!  It's not that cool.  Note Emil in the background lifting up the rug.  Why?
The half-hourly pantry raid.  We keep the recycle garbage (do you call it garbage if it's recyclable?) in there.  (That's what Colin is holding, by the way, an empty and rinsed out canister of wipes.  No need to get your poison pens out.)
One man's recyclable is another man's treasure.  Too bad about the little car Emil threw under the stove when he was angry about me shutting the pantry door.  Couldn't see that coming.
Here's Emil throwing something away.  I love how prominently the child lock appears in this photo.  And Emil's Mom Jeans that he can't take off.  Too tight, too high.  
Ah, the thrice-daily spill.  I clean up that exact mess at least once a day.  When I decided to take photos today I thought maybe I was jinxing it - that there would be no spill.  But OF COURSE there was a spill.  Yesterday I cleaned this up, turned around to rinse the rag out in the sink, came back and LO! the same spill was there.  Emil had only spilled half of his milk the first time.  

In conclusion, it's time for the weather to turn nice so I can take some of this action outside.  Otherwise, these two will probably figure out how to make their own macaroni and cheese and lock me out of the house.  I'm a killjoy.


melissa said...

Yep. Time to send up the white flag. Or purchase the white straight-jacket. I think this is what they mean by "divide and conquer."

Wendy said...

I love this, I think the proper term would be "wow...You sure have your hands full! Bless your heart!" I do love the "child lock in plain sight" picture.

Ashley said...

Everything they do makes me laugh, I get the biggest kick out of those two. That picture of Colin reading his spoils while Emil looms overhead is hilarious! Such confidence. And smugness, ha ha!

kenzie said...

Killing me! They are too much fun. Thanks for the laugh. I'm bringing you some super twin-proof locks when I come.

Jill said...

Don't worry Nicole, this type of thing will only last about 3 more years and then they will get over it all. Is that comforting to say?