Monday, February 11, 2013

Sewing with Grandma

I thought about it too late to get photos of Bridget and Grandma Peggy sewing on Saturday.  Once they got Bridget's machine figured out, they made the cutest sleeping bag for my old Mandy Doll.  (Mom has all the Mandy Dolls we used to play with at her house and Bridget likes to play with them when we visit.)  Now all the dollies can have a slumber party!
Isn't that the cutest?!  I bet we could make a life-size one like that for Bridget!  YES!  I'm starting to think Grandma and I might be more into this than the little granddaughters. 

The boys are all about wishing people "BYE" and giving hugs and kisses when it's time to leave.  They ran outside without shoes or socks or jackets to give Grandma and Grandpa a proper send-off:
I had plenty of time to get this photo.  Grandpa was teasing Colin by not bending down far enough.  Poor Colin - he doesn't want to make Grandpa feel bad, but he can't reach.  Those were some cold toesies when we got back in the house!


melissa said...

Mom's the best grandma! Dad's the meanest grandpa. (That's what I got.) Chloe's Becky doll could use a sleeping bag if Bridget's looking for her next project. :)

Jill said...

Mandy dolls! Mary Kate used to play with my old one. I wish they still made them. So cute.

Katy said...

Cute cute cute!!!!
Still weird for me to see Dad in jeans.