Monday, May 11, 2015

Early Mother's Day with Grandma

Now that we have a missionary in Brian's family, we had to move our Mother's Day celebration to the first Sunday in May. (Dena's got to be home for the big phone call!) It turned out pretty nice - I think we have a new tradition. The men did a pasta dinner for us again and it was a lovely day outside. To the photos...
Bridget and Grandma - both so pretty.
Grandpa held a bucket of candy and the kids flocked to him.
This swing set never had it so good.
Hal, Kyle, Denise, Dena, and Brian.
Harold likes to move rocks. Wait, he likes to have Brian move rocks. :)
The big boy cousins let the little boys steal their hats.
Abby and Bridget made smoothies. Here's Colin telling Abby he needs more smoothie.
Aiden was not having this photo op. Our kids slept like... rocks that night. :)

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Brian said...

I love the first picture. They ARE so pretty.